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Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

"Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine" (Elvis Presley). A brief look at the adventures of a lover of vintage, antiques and old crusty stuff. My name is Brandy and I would like to take you on my adventures with me. Come with me Through the looking glass. Mother did name me BRANDY, after all. I wanted to start a little online scrapbook, to help me bust out of the shyness that dyslexia has haunted me. There is so much to write and tell. It has been bottled up in my soul for so long. My memories are overflowing with the good, bad and ugly.

This is a guide that pretty much will be my brain vomit session. Thoughts of the day. Rants of the evening. This blog will be thoughts on travel, food, how to make money off your resell business. It's a guide to collecting and preserving antiques. I absolutely, fly by the seat of my pants and can not wait to take you on this journey. A bit of self help, self love and self realization. I live my life outside the box and so happy that there is a supportive man beside me. Reselling and Handling Estate sales is my main obsession. I like to explore and learn the history of things. Estate sales allows me to see things from another perspective and find things I have never seen before. There is not a perfect bone in my body. If there is research to do, that is okay by me. I first started to learn about furniture and how to determine if vintage/antique and what era. Then, my passion grew to glassware and I can tell you that Pyrex is my absolute favorite thing in the world. The blue butter print design is my jam.


Not your average bear

Not your average bear. Means just that. Nothing here is normal, regular or average. If you are Looking for information, if you like the thrill of the hunt, and just like to go on an adventure, you are in the right place. I am not everyone's cup of tea. If you get your panties twisted about a misspelled word or misuse of a punctuation (I suggest you to move on with your life-I am working on it). There maybe mention of things that are sensitive for some, may be heart breaking to others. Sometimes, while treasure hunting you uncover unconfutable situations. The great thing is that you the reader have a choice in what journey you want to go on with me. Do you want to travel with me? Do you want to go treasure hunting and see cool things? Do you want to learn about the resell or estate business? I will touch on all of that. Super excited to script you a few chapters.

I have been handling estate sales for over 5 years now and have discovered many things. I have discovered many items, but my best discovery- is myself. We will go into detail about the good, bad and ugly of the estate sale business. As a hustler and reseller. Well, that has been my entire life. It is second nature, in my blood.

Most of my experiences are in the Deep South. I will go into depth on living in the South, handling business in the South and much more. If you are ready to learn a bit about the south, a little bit about business, a bit on traveling, and get lots of photos on food n drink........You are at the right place, Welcome!!

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